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HAPPINESS Where does it come from? Projects' Presentation It seems like an odd question, but is it? Do you know how to define happiness? Do you think happiness is the same thing to you as it is to others? What’s the point of it all? Does it even make a difference in our lives? In fact, happiness...
NATIONAL UNITY DAY IN RUSSIA National Unity Day commemorates a Russian uprising that freed Moscow from Polish-Lithuanian occupation forces on the 4th of November 1612.  Leaders of the uprising, Kuzma Minin and Dmitry Pozharsky, became national heroes.  In 1649, Russian Tsar Alexei...

British Council Exams

14.10.2020 02:17
Exams There are lots of different types of English exams and tests.  English For Teens: learnenglishteens.britishcouncil.org/exams
Dear Bright Teachers, You taught,    You teach,      You're teaching,        You've taught,         You've been teaching! MANY THANKS INDEED!!! About us in Russian You taught,    You teach,  ...
Dear Bright Students, If you are in quarantine and have to stay at home, don't worry! You can join your groups and work in classes on Skype!   YOU ARE WELCOME!   And any distance is not a problem! Dear Bright Students, If you are leaving for school holidays, if you are in...


31.08.2020 22:10
Dear Bright Students, On September 1 we start our New Academic Year which means: new skills in English! new impressions! new projects and presentations! new books, films & songs! new English Clubs! new trips to the UK!   HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!   YOU ARE WELCOME! About us in...
Dear Bright Students, NOTICE The New Academic Year begins on September 1, offline, on the School territory!  And it will be Tuesday!:) Since August 15 we' ve been testing the newcomers!     YOU ARE WELCOME!   About us in Russian   The New School Year...


31.05.2020 15:20
Dear Bright students,  Summer has come! This summer we wish you a great vacation, wonderful meetings, new friends, books, discoveries and impressions wherever you are! And of course, we wish you new skills in the world of the English language! We have to say that this summer our Educational...

SKYPE Bright School No1

24.05.2020 14:38
Skype Bright School No1 Cheer up! Therefore: NON STOP!   STAY SAFE! About us in Russian

SKYPE Bright school No1

17.05.2020 18:06
Skype Bright School No1 Get it right! Therefore: NON STOP!   STAY SAFE! About us in Russian
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