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"Vehicles of the Future." Project Presentation

14.12.2021 23:18


Projects' Presentation

From self-driving cars to the Hyperloop, companies are investing in new ways for humans to get from point A to point B more efficiently right now. 

Flying cars like the TF-X will open up an entirely new way for consumers to get around on a daily basis. Just think, if traffic is bad, you will be able to fly instead. 

Electric cars are going mainstream even today. While these vehicles will help reduce carbon emissions by simply being electric, they will also help to bring about bigger changes to how power is supplied by putting pressure on utility companies to invest more heavily in renewable energy to meet the demand for electricity.

Autonomous monorails, like SkyTran, will be able to improve your daily commute. SkyTran cruises 20 feet above roads. It is said it can travel up to 155 mph, helping transform a two-hour car commute into a 10-minute journey.

Reusable rockets are a key to make space travel more accessible. This is because if a rocket can be used more than once, the cost of spaceflight can be brought down significantly... 


DATE: December 15, Wednesday
TIME: 6 p.m.
GROUP: A-3(1) 



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Projects' Presentation