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"Natural Phenomena." Projects' presentation

25.11.2021 22:34


Projects' Presentation

Earth is a dynamic planet that changes daily. Weather patterns and events are a tremendous part of that change. 

Weather natural phenomena can be defined as natural events that occur as a result of one or a combination of the water cycle, pressure systems and the Coriolis effect. They often involve or are related to precipitation, wind or heat.

Clouds are an important piece to most other weather phenomena. Rain, snow, lightning, hail and thunderstorms all originate from clouds. Find out about types of clouds, how they form, why they appear white, and more here.

Fog is a fascinating event that occurs when the air temperature cools and condenses water molecules from a gas to a liquid. Learn more about the type of weather famously described as ‘as thick as pea soup’.

Frost is a beautiful and majestic phenomenon that is usually one of the first signals that winter is on its way. It requires three things in order to form – higher levels of water vapor in the air, low wind speeds, and low temperatures overnight. Learn more about this frosty event here.

Capable of voltage upwards of 1 Billion volts, lightning is spectacularly brilliant and dangerous at the same time. A thunderstorm’s static discharge, a number of steps must occur prior to an actual strike.

Rainbows are as much atmospheric optical phenomena as they are weather events, and can only occur under certain conditions. A number of amazing physical processes occur in order for us to be able to see one...


DATE: November 25, Thursday
TIME: 4:45 p.m.
GROUP: A-3(2) 



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Projects' Presentation