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The Story Began from the White Glove...

The Story Began from the White Glove...

Just read...

So this very first exhibit marked the beginning of our School Museum...

and we should carry on then!
Rulers of England on the rulers. This is a great sense of humor!:)
An English-Russian Dictionary, 1923. There are 12000 words on 995 pages printed on the finest tissue paper. Its height is 4 cm, width is 3,5 cm and it is 2 cm thick!
These exhibits are taken from a real apartment on Baker Street 221B.
A horseshoe from the Royal Mews. It is a present from our English friends.
Many thanks indeed!
We brought this kilt from the UK some years ago. We didn't know exactly why.:)
The history of Scottish kilts goes back to the 16th century.
Today Scottish Kilts are not for bagpipe player men and royal guards only. 
Anyone can wear a kilt on any occasion.
A silver knight's cup from the White Tower of the Tower of London.
How long ago that trip was!:)
This English box of matches is a hundred years old! Just imagine how one century ago one mistress of the house lit them to kindle a wood-burning stove or a fireplace...)!