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28.11.2023 21:29
BS ENGLISH CLUB Date: December 2, Saturday  Time: 2 p.m. with Berk   Subject for conversation: Team Quiz Please!    NOTICE Number of seats is limited. Registration of participants is required.   YOU ARE WELCOME! About us...

Project presentation

27.11.2023 22:59
November 28, Tuesday ZODIAC SIGNS Level B1     There are 12 zodiac signs, and each sign has its own strengths and weaknesses, specific traits, desires, and attitude towards life and people. By analyzing the projection of the position of planets, the Sun, and the Moon on the...

Project Presentation

22.11.2023 23:01
  November 23, Thursday   Environmentally  Friendly Level B1   /Photo by Bright School No1, London UK/ Being environmentally friendly means having a lifestyle that helps the Earth more than you hurt it, and speaking up when you see the world around you being...

Writing about a Film

17.11.2023 11:33
  Target: Express your mind  Levels: A1-B2       YOU ARE WELCOME! About us in Russian  

Project Presentation

14.11.2023 22:19
November 15, Wednesday My Film Level A2 From screenwriting and storyboarding to video production, it takes a tremendous variety of skills to make a film...   TIME: 3:30 p.m. GROUP: A-2(2)   YOU ARE WELCOME!   As a...

Project Presentation

08.11.2023 22:36
  November 9, Thursday   Appearance Level A1 Society relates a positive appearance with prosperity. We see someone who’s well-put-together and immediately think that they have a better standard of living and other positive influences in their life. Is that so? Let's...

Project Presentation

07.11.2023 23:23
November 8, Wednesday Disease & Medicine Level B1 Medicine is the science and practice of caring for a patient, managing the diagnosis, prognosis, prevention, treatment, palliation of their injury or disease, and promoting their health...   TIME: 6...
  BS ENGLISH CLUB October 28     with Kathiensha Leger Subject for conversation:  To Read a Book Or Watch a Movie? Subject for conversation:  Our Fears and How to Overcome Them   PHOTO...

This is Halloween

30.10.2023 23:19
  #:-o)   YOU ARE WELCOME! About us in Russian  

Project Presentation

26.10.2023 23:06
October 27, Friday The Weather Forecast Level B1 TIME: 6 p.m. GROUP: A-3(2)   YOU ARE WELCOME! As a result:     About us in Russian
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