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Students are writing Level: Starter  YOU ARE WELCOME! About us in Russian Level: Starter 
Students are writing Levels B1 / B2 YOU ARE WELCOME! About us in Russian Levels B1/B2
Students are writing Target: Express your mind   About us in Russian
WORLD FOREIGN LITERATURE READ! Reading makes us more empathetic and open to new experiences. During these weeks we are reading, listening to British & American reciters, watching the original film adaptations of the novels, analyzing, discussing, writing essays and talking, talking,...

Winter Holidays!

29.12.2022 23:59
Dear Bright Students, Have a Great Winter Time! Let it snow! Let it be sunny and frosty! Let's stay joyful, healthy and happy! We wish you a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!!!  Let it snow! Let it be sunny and frosty! Let's stay joyful, healthy and happy! We wish you a...
STUDENTS' NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS FOR 2023! Let's make these resolutions come true! LET'S MAKE THESE RESOLUTIONS COME TRUE!!!     About us in Russian    
HUMAN MASCULOSKELETAL SYSTEM Project presentation The musculoskeletal system is a human body system that provides our body with movement, stability, shape, and support. It is subdivided into two broad systems: Muscular system, which includes all types of muscles in the body. Skeletal muscles, in...
DIGITAL HISTORY MAKERS Projects' Presentation   DIGITAL HISTORY MAKERS   Project Presentation     Digital history is the use of digital media to further historical analysis, presentation, and research. It is a branch of the digital humanities...
MOBILE PHONES Project Presentation In the modern world, life is not possible without means of communication. Therefore, every person has a mobile phone. With a smartphone today, you can not only communicate, but also go online, listen to music, watch movies, play games and do many other...
UNUSUAL SCHOOLS! Project Presentation Every school has its oddities and peculiarities.   Most students arrive at school in the morning, bookbag in hand, and return home in the afternoon with an armful of homework and stories from recess. They come back the next day to sit in rows of...
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